Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Last Service of 2006!

This Thursday's Little Compline and Study (7pm) at Peter and Judy's house will be the last official service of St. John of Shanghai Orthodox Mission for 2006! As was announced on Sunday, St. John's, the daughter-mission of St. Herman of Alaska parish, will be "going home" this Christmas season to spend it with "Momma" - in other words, all Christmas services this year will be at St. Herman's - quite probably for the last time, if the Lord continues to bless us in the coming year as He has in this one.

Nothing particularly special has been planned for this last Little Compline and Study - other than reading through the first couple of chapters of the Gospel According to St. Luke in preparation for our study of Luke's Gospel and for the Nativity of our Lord.

Our mission's services will resume with the celebration of Theophany at Dunbar Lutheran at 10am on Saturday, January 6th, 2007 - probably followed by a Theophany/New Year's feast at Peter and Judy's house! (Confirmation of these arrangements to follow soon - stay tuned here for further details.)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Little Compline & Bible Study to start 7:45 Dec 14

Hi All,

Bible Study & Compline will start later (7:45pm) this Thursday (Dec 14) because Josh has a school concert until about 7:30 and we will all be home at 7:30.



Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Finishing Off Clement's Epistle

So, hopefully we'll finish off St. Clement's Epistle to the Corinthians again this Thursday... That is, if we have the time this Thursday, we'll finish off the lacuna (missing bit) of St. Clement's epistle - and then discuss what we might like to study next!

Here, borrowed from the Early Christian Writings page on Clement's Epistle, are two translations of the section that was missing from the CCEL version of Clement's Epistle:

Charles Hoole's translation:

57:7 For because they wronged the innocent they shall be slain, and judgment shall destroy the unrighteous; but he who hearkeneth unto me shall abide trusting in hope, and shall rest securely from all evil.


58:1 Let us, therefore, submit to his all-holy and glorious name, and escape the threats that have been before spoken by Wisdom against the disobedient, that we may abide trusting in the most holy name of his greatness.

58:2 Accept this our advice, and it will not be repented of by you. For as God liveth, and as the Lord Jesus Christ liveth, and the Holy Spirit, the confidence and hope of the elect, he who observeth in humility with earnest obedience, and repining not, the ordinances and commands given by God, he shall be reckoned and counted in the number of them that are saved by Jesus Christ, through whom is there to him glory, world without end. Amen.


59:1 But if some should be disobedient to the things spoken by him through us, let them know that they will entangle themselves in no small transgression and danger,

59:2 but that we shall be guiltless of this sin; and we will ask, making with earnestness our prayer and supplication, that the Maker of all things may keep uninjured in all the world the number of those that have been numbered as his elect, through his beloved Son, Jesus Christ, through whom he hath called us from darkness unto light, and from ignorance to a knowledge of the glory of his name.

59:3 That we may hope in thy name, which is the first of all things, open the eyes of our heart to know thee, who art alone highest among the highest, holy among the holy, who puttest down the haughtiness of the proud, who scatterest the reasonings of the Gentiles, who exaltest the humble on high, and lowerest the lofty, who makest rich and makest poor, who killest and makest to live, the only benefactor of spirits, and God of all flesh, who lookest into the abysses, who beholdest the works of men, who art the helper of those in danger, the saviour of those who have lost hope, who art the maker and bishop of every soul, who makest the nations to multiply upon earth, and out of all hast chosen those that love thee through Jesus Christ thy beloved Son, through whom thou hast taught us, hast sanctified us, hast honoured us.

59:4 We ask thee, Lord, to be our helper and assister, save those of us who are in affliction, have compassion on the humble, raise the fallen, appear to those who are in need, heal the sinners, convert those of thy people who are wandering from the way, feed the hungry, ransom our prisoners, raise up the sick, encourage the feeble-hearted, let all the nations know that thou art God alone and Jesus Christ thy Son, and that we are thy people and the sheep of thy pasture.


60:1 Thou hast made manifest the everlasting constitution of the world by the things that happen. Thou, Lord, who art faithful in all generations, hast founded the world; thou who art just in thy judgments, who art wonderful in strength and greatness; thou who art wise in creating and prudent in establishing the things that are made; thou that art good in the things that are seen and faithful among them that trust upon thee, merciful and compassionate, forgive us our transgressions and unrighteousnesses, our sins and our negligences.

60:2 Take not into account every sin of thy servants and handmaids, but purify us with the purification of thy truth, and make straight our steps in holiness and righteousness and singleness of heart, that we may so walk and do such things as are right and well pleasing before thee, and before our rulers.

60:3 Yea, Lord, cause thy face to appear to us in peace to our good, that we may be sheltered by thy mighty hand, and preserved from all sin by thy lofty arm, and deliver us from those that hate us unjustly.

60:4 Give unity and peace both to us and to all that dwell upon the earth, as thou gavest to our fathers when they called upon thee with faith and truth, so that we should become obedient to thy all-powerful and most excellent name, and to those who rule and govern us upon the earth.


61:1 Thou, Lord, hast given the authority of the kingdom to them through thy almighty and unspeakable power, so that we, knowing the estimation and honour given to them by thee, might submit ourselves to them, in no way opposing thy will; to whom give, O Lord, health, peace, concord, stability, so that they may discharge the rule given unto them by thee without offence;

61:2 for thou, heavenly Lord, everlasting King, givest to the sons of men glory and honour and authority over the things that are upon the earth. Do thou, Lord, direct their counsel according to what is good and pleasing before thee, that, fulfilling with peace and meekness and piety the authority given unto them by thee, they may obtain mercy from thee.

61:3 Thou who alone art able to do these and greater good things among us, to thee do we give thanks through the high priest and protector of our souls, Jesus Christ, through whom to thee be the glory and majesty, now and to all generations, world without end. Amen.


62:1 Concerning the things that pertain to our religion, and the things that are most useful to a virtuous life, for those who are willing to live piously and righteously, we have sufficiently charged you, men and brethren.

62:2 For we have handled every argument concerning faith and repentance, and genuine love and temperance, and moderation and patience, reminding you that ye must by righteousness and truth and long-suffering approve yourselves with piety to almighty God, being of one mind, without malice, in love and peace with earnest obedience, even as our fathers, who were beforementioned, approved themselves with humility both with regard to God the Father and Creator and to all men.

62:3 And these things have we so much the more gladly put you in mind of, inasmuch as we knew plainly that we wrote unto men who are faithful and of high repute, and who have looked into the oracles of the instruction of God.


63:1 It is right, therefore, that those who have attended to so great and so many examples should submit their necks, and fill the place of obedience, so that being at peace from the vain sedition we may attain, without any blame, to the end set before us in truth.

63:2 For joy and rejoicing will ye afford us if, becoming obedient to the things that have been written by us, ye put an end, by the suggestion of the Holy Spirit, to the unlawful wrath of your discord, according to the supplication which we have made concerning peace and unity in this epistle.

63:3 But we have also sent unto you men who are faithful and prudent, who from youth up to old age have behaved blamelessly among us, who also will be witnesses between yourselves and us;

63:4 and this we have done that ye may know that our whole thought has been and is this, that ye may speedily be at peace among yourselves.

J.B. Lightfoot's translation:

1Clem 57:7
For because they wronged babes, they shall be slain, and
inquisition shall destroy the ungodly. But he that heareth Me shall
dwell safely trusting in hope, and shall be quiet from all fear of
all evil.

1Clem 58:1
Let us therefore be obedient unto His most holy and glorious Name,
thereby escaping the threatenings which were spoken of old by the
mouth of Wisdom against them which disobey, that we may dwell safely,
trusting in the most holy Name of His majesty.

1Clem 58:2
Receive our counsel, and ye shall have no occasion of regret. For as
God liveth, and the Lord Jesus Christ liveth, and the Holy Spirit,
who are the faith and the hope of the elect, so surely shall he, who
with lowliness of mind and instant in gentleness hath without
regretfulness performed the ordinances and commandments that are
given by God, be enrolled and have a name among the number of them
that are saved through Jesus Christ, through whom is the glory unto
Him for ever and ever. Amen.

1Clem 59:1
But if certain persons should be disobedient unto the words spoken
by Him through us, let them understand that they will entangle
themselves in no slight transgression and danger;

1Clem 59:2
but we shall be guiltless of this sin. And we will ask, with
instancy of prayer and supplication, that the Creator of the universe
may guard intact unto the end the number that hath been numbered of
His elect throughout the whole world, through His beloved Son Jesus
Christ, through whom He called us from darkness to light, from
ignorance to the full knowledge of the glory of His Name.

1Clem 59:3
[Grant unto us, Lord,] that we may set our hope on Thy Name which is
the primal source of all creation, and open the eyes of our hearts,
that we may know Thee, who alone abidest Highest in the lofty, Holy
in the holy; who layest low in the insolence of the proud, who
settest the lowly on high, and bringest the lofty low; who
makest rich and makest poor; who killest and makest alive; who
alone art the Benefactor of spirits and the God of all flesh; who
lookest into the abysses, who scanest the works of man; the Succor
of them that are in peril, the Savior of them that are in
despair; The Creator and Overseer of every spirit; who multipliest
the nations upon earth, and hast chosen out from all men those that
love Thee through Jesus Christ, Thy beloved Son, through whom Thou
didst instruct us, didst sanctify us, didst honor us.

1Clem 59:4
We beseech Thee, Lord and Master, to be our help and succor. Save
those among us who are in tribulation; have mercy on the lowly; lift
up the fallen; show Thyself unto the needy; heal the ungodly; convert
the wanderers of Thy people; feed the hungry; release our prisoners;
raise up the weak; comfort the fainthearted. Let all the Gentiles
know that Thou art the God alone, and Jesus Christ is Thy Son, and
we are Thy people and the sheep of Thy pasture.

1Clem 60:1
Thou through Thine operations didst make manifest the everlasting
fabric of the world. Thou, Lord, didst create the earth. Thou that
art faithful throughout all generations, righteous in Thy judgments,
marvelous in strength and excellence, Thou that art wise in creating
and prudent in establishing that which Thou hast made, that art good
in the things which are seen and faithful with them that trust on
Thee, pitiful and compassionate, forgive us our iniquities and our
unrighteousnesses and our transgressions and shortcomings.

1Clem 60:2
Lay not to our account every sin of Thy servants and Thine handmaids,
but cleanse us with the cleansing of Thy truth, and guide our steps
to walk in holiness and righteousness and singleness of heart
and to do such things as are good and well pleasing in Thy sight
and in the sight of our rulers.

1Clem 60:3
Yea, Lord, make Thy face to shine upon us in peace for our good,
that we may be sheltered by Thy mighty hand and delivered from
every sin by Thine uplifted arm. And deliver us from them that
hate us wrongfully.

1Clem 60:4
Give concord and peace to us and to all that dwell on the earth, as
Thou gavest to our fathers, when they called on Thee in faith
and truth with holiness, [that we may be saved,] while we render
obedience to Thine almighty and most excellent Name, and to our
rulers and governors upon the earth.

1Clem 61:1
Thou, Lord and Master, hast given them the power of sovereignty
through Thine excellent and unspeakable might, that we knowing the
glory and honor which Thou hast given them may submit ourselves unto
them, in nothing resisting Thy will. Grant unto them therefore, O
Lord, health peace, concord, stability, that they may administer the
government which Thou hast given them without failure.

1Clem 61:2
For Thou, O heavenly Master, King of the ages, givest to the sons of
men glory and honor and power over all things that are upon the
earth. Do Thou, Lord, direct their counsel according to that which
is good and well pleasing in Thy sight, that, administering in peace
and gentleness with Godliness the power which Thou hast given them,
they may obtain Thy favor.

1Clem 61:3
O Thou, who alone art able to do these things and things far more
exceeding good than these for us, we praise Thee through the High
priest and Guardian of our souls, Jesus Christ, through whom be the
glory and the majesty unto Thee both now and for all generations and
for ever and ever. Amen.

1Clem 62:1
As touching those things which befit our religion and are most
useful for a virtuous life to such as would guide [their steps] in
holiness and righteousness, we have written fully unto you, brethren.

1Clem 62:2
For concerning faith and repentance and genuine love and temperance
and sobriety and patience we have handled every argument, putting you
in remembrance, that ye ought to please Almighty God in righteousness
and truth and long suffering with holiness, laying aside malice and
pursuing concord in love and peace, being instant in gentleness; even
as our fathers, of whom we spake before, pleased Him, being lowly
minded toward their Father and God and Creator and towards all men.

1Clem 62:3
And we have put you in mind of these things the more gladly, since we
knew well that we were writing to men who are faithful and highly
accounted and have diligently searched into the oracles of the
teaching of God.

1Clem 63:1
Therefore it is right for us to give heed to so great and so many
examples and to submit the neck and occupying the place of obedience
to take our side with them that are the leaders of our souls, that
ceasing from this foolish dissension we may attain unto the goal
which lieth before us in truthfulness, keeping aloof from every

1Clem 63:2
For ye will give us great joy and gladness, if ye render obedience
unto the things written by us through the Holy Spirit, and root out
the unrighteous anger of your jealousy, according to the entreaty
which we have made for peace and concord in this letter.

1Clem 63:3
And we have also sent faithful and prudent men that have walked among
us from youth unto old age unblamably, who shall also be witnesses
between you and us.

1Clem 63:4
And this we have done that ye might know that we have had, and still
have, every solicitude that ye should be speedily at peace.