Friday, May 05, 2006

We have a place to meet!

Glory to God! By your prayers, we have been blessed with a place to meet and to worship. I have just received word from Dunbar Lutheran that our request to use their sanctuary for Saturday and weekday services has been approved.

This is a particularly meaningful place to begin the sacramental life of St. John's, as Dunbar Lutheran is the church in which Matushka Sarah's own spiritual life began - the church in which she spent the first six years of her life and which formed in her a deep sense of the importance of liturgical worship.

Dunbar Lutheran is actually located one block west of Dunbar Street, on the corner of Collingwood Street and 31st Avenue - right under the tip of the red arrow on the Google satellite image below (click on the picture for a larger version of the image).

A schedule of St. John's Mission services at Dunbar Lutheran will be drawn up and posted here very soon. Stay tuned!

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Matthew Francis said...

Glory to God for all Things!

St. John must have been praying for his people...

- With love in the Lord,

Matthew and Krista