Saturday, June 17, 2006

No Service This Monday!

Thanks to a little help from my fellow-clergy, I have finally managed to wrap my chronologically challenged brain around the problem of the date of St. John of Shanghai's repose, and it turns out that it is not on June 19th, any way you slice it. So, the short of it is that we will not be celebrating our mission station's feast-day this Monday, as we were planning - instead, we will try to figure out a date closer to the actual date of St. John's repose that works for as many of us as possible, TBA.

The long of it is that the date of St. John of Shanghai's death falls on June 19th on the Old (Julian) Calendar, which corresponds to July 2nd on the New (Gregorian) Calendar - the calendar that we use in our day-to-day lives and which is in use in most of the parishes in the OCA (including ours). Since July 2nd is a Sunday, Dunbar Lutheran is not available to us to celebrate a service in, so at this point the two most promising alternate dates look like the evening of either Friday, June 30th or Monday, July 3rd. If you are interested in coming at all, please let me (Fr. Justin) know which date would work best for you.

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