Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tonight and Next Week

This will probably arrive too late for most people (I actually tried to put this information up last week, but there was an error that prevented its publication), but for this week...

For those who did not make it out to our Little Compline and Study last Thursday [well, the Thursday before last, now...], we have plunged into the First Epistle of Clement, which makes a nice follow-up to our study of I and II Corinthians, since it is a letter written on behalf of the church in Rome to the church in Corinth. The Corinthians are in trouble again, although Clement's description of the Corinthian church in the period immediately preceding the troubles that occasioned his letter, it sounds like they had at least been doing OK for a while there... Clement's letter is very practical (though with more than a few rhetorical flourishes!) and will give us a glimpse into what the immediately post-apostolic Church was like, as well as some insight into its approach to the Scriptures.

Tonight we will say an Akathist to the Most-holy Theotokos in celebration of her nativity (otherwise known as her birthday!), and we will be meeting at our usual Thursday-evening location, Peter and Judy's house. Next week, while we will be back to Little Compline, but we will celebrate the service at Dunbar Lutheran Church with His Grace, Bishop Seraphim, after which we will have a chance to chat with our beloved bishop!

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