Friday, February 09, 2007

Upcoming Services and Schedule Changes

Some variations in the regular St. John's service schedule to be aware of:

This weekend, I'll be serving Vespers and Liturgy at the Orthodox Women's Retreat, so there will be no Great Vespers served at Dunbar Lutheran this Saturday, February 10th.

Next Thursday will be the last Little Compline and Study until Great Lent is over. We are suspending the Little Compline services for the Lenten season so that we can attend the Friday evening Presanctified Liturgies at St. Herman's.

With the beginning of Great Lent on the 19th, the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete will be served at Peter and Judy's on Monday and Wednesday, February 19th and 21st.

There will also be no Great Vespers served at Dunbar Lutheran on Saturday, February 24th, as I will be in Victoria serving Vespers, Liturgy, and Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers for Fr. John Hainsworth at All Saints of Alaska Orthodox Church in Victoria.


Amy said...

Hi Father Justin,

Are the compline and bible studies set to resume again next week?

- Amy

Fr. Justin (Edward) said...

Little Compline will resume on Thursday, April 19th.