Saturday, May 19, 2007

Monastic House

The Monastic House of St John of Shanghai, located in Vancouver, BC, is under the omophorion of Archbishop SERAPHIM of Ottawa and All Canada. The intent is to live the traditional monastic life, informed primarily, but not necessarily uniquely, by the traditions of St John's Monastery in Manton, CA and the Valaam Monastery in Russia.

The fledgling St John's Monastic House is envisioned to be a Monastic entity within an urban environment. With that comes unique blessings, opportunities and challenges. The Monastic House is in complete synergy with the Mission, and its existence is due to the Mission's efforts.

Currently there is one monk in residence.

The present means of financial support that the Monastic House has is outside secular employment. As the possibility of other means presents itself, they will be explored.

Potential candidates for the monastic vocation should contact the Monk-in-Charge. If necessary his email address is: cyprian{at} (replacing {at} with the @ symbol).

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Anonymous said...

You all are in our prayers, especially mine as a former member of the Canadian Archdiocese :)

With love in Christ,
Br. Christopher & the Brotherhood
Monastery of St. John
Manton, CA, USA