Friday, June 15, 2007

Wishes and Thanks

I have been repeatedly asked to post a list of things that our little mission needs and/or would like to have. Before I finally post such a list I need to do two things: 1) ask forgiveness of all those who asked me so long ago and so repeatedly to post such a list, and 2) post thanks for all that has already been given to us so generously. In the thanks list, I won't list who has given what, as I don't wish to deprive anyone of their heavenly reward, but do know that we remember who you are and are very grateful for what you have given us - and, more significantly, God remembers!

Thanks for...

gospel book
hand cross
chalice set with spoon, spear, and covers
icon stands
icons - and mounting of icons
candle box
seven-branch lampstand (though we still have to retrieve this!)
priest's vestments
lots and lots of cleaning!

Wish List

vestments for altar and analogion (measurements to be provided here soon)
altar candlesticks
processional fans and cross

(and, for St. John's House:
cordless phone
answering machine
more cleaning!)

I should also note that both lists are still very incomplete, and will be updated here as more comes to mind!

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