Sunday, May 24, 2009

To clarify...

You might have noticed that the date for our celebration of our Lord's Ascension with a Vesperal Liturgy has just jumped from Thursday, May 28th to Wednesday, May 27th. Just to clarify, this was not a mistake but rather a deliberate change of dates. I have figured out a way (or, rather, will figure out a way) to celebrate Vesperal Liturgy for Ascension on the proper day (namely, Wednesday). So...

Ascension will be celebrated with a Vesperal Liturgy at 7:30pm on Wednesday, May 27th in the secondary chapel in the monastic house. Please come fasting from about noon onwards if you are planning to receive communon.

On a more minor note, it has been brought to my attention that in the move to our new website, our contact information got buried. This has been rectified with a new Contact page at - and I've also started a gallery for pictures of our mission. Please send me any that you think would be appropriate for posting!

Love in Christ,

Fr. Justin.

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